Former Seahawks Youth Goaltender Signs With Seahawks Eastern Hockey League Junior Team

Kevin Wright, goaltender for the The Seahawks Hockey Club became the first Seahawks youth player in program history to sign with the junior program. In the 2021-22 Wright was added to the EHL Premier team. Wright saw his first EHL hockey action a few weekends ago at the September Showcase in Worcester, MA. He pulled away with his first win in net with the EHL Seahawks with a 2–1 win over the Connecticut Chiefs.  Wright posted a .923 save percentage in the overtime win that game. Through the early part of the season, Wright has posted a 1-1 record with an .891 save percentage. Wright is currently the youngest member on the EHL roster.  

"As younger players we always looked up to the junior team, as they set an example for the rest of the program, exhibiting solid work ethic and sportsmanship," said Kevin. "I was given the opportunity to join the Seahawks junior program with the recent addition of their EHL premier team, whose first season begins in September. Becoming the first player in the club's history to make the jump from the Seahawks youth program to the junior program, obviously means a lot to me. I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve as a role model for future generations of younger players who aspire to play at the next level." 

Kevin also stated, "As a player, I'm extremely excited to be a part of this team, not just because of the high-end skill and competition, but also the culture and community that Seahawks hockey has become. I'm also happy to see the game continue to grow and expand on a place like Cape Cod. I think that expanding the opportunities for younger players to compete at the next level is an important step in creating a stronger hockey community on the Cape, and hopefully will inspire more young athletes to achieve their goals of playing a higher level of hockey."

We look forward to Kevin's continued success!