New England Knights 05 Elite With Longest Winning Streak

The New England Knights 05 Elite team has proven themselves as a dominant force. They currently have the longest winning streak across all teams and ages in the BHL. The squad has played 23 games so far this season with 17 of those being wins, losses and 1 tie.

They’ve put up an impressive 92 goals. They sit in first place in their division – 2005 American. They have won their past 12 games, with their last loss in early November when they fell to Warriors 1-0. Every player on the team has even contributed to the score sheet at some point this season. They have come into 2019 hot with a 5-4 win over the Warriors who they fell to earlier in the season. They look to extend their streak going into the weekend as they take on the Icemen on Saturday and Wizards on Sunday.

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