Glades 07 Elite Team Undefeated!

The Green Mountain Glades 07 Elite Team has come up big in the 2007 American North Division of the Boston Hockey League this season.

With 17 wins, one tie, and no losses in BHL regular season play, this team has shown their will to compete is unprecedented.

Head coach Cory Gustafson says the biggest reason for the team’s success has to do with their effort on both ends of the ice.

“They have been committed to playing hard in their own end and have shown improvement in their defensive positioning and one on one battles. On the offensive side, the players have been great at developing their passing skills. They are getting better and better at creating good opportunities for each other,” said Gustafson.

So far this season the team has put up 118 goals and their season is only about half way over.

In order to keep the momentum going Gustafson says he is going to continue reinforcing the fundamentals of the game.

With a focus on skills and small games in an up-tempo format, the team also makes sure having fun is also a top priority.

In addition to the players and their hard work is another group of people this type of success wouldn’t be possible without: the parents.

“Our parent group has been absolutely fantastic. They are supportive of the team on and off the ice, they have been positive in the stands, and they have really handed the teaching of the game over to our experienced coaching staff. It has been a pleasure to work with them,” Gustafson said.

The team prepares to take on the Boston Advantage 07 Selects this Saturday December 9 at Cairns Arena for a 12:10 p.m. puck drop. This will be first match up between the two teams this season.

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