The Advantage Black and Avalanche both won twice. Tommy Hammel had a goal and an assist in the first period as the Advantage trimmed the Patriots 3-1—and Aiden Hammel scored twice and Andrew Webb and Ryan Rosenau shared the shutout in a 4-0 victory over the Giants; Jack Masterson and Lucas Ouellette both had 1-1-2 as the Avs trimmed the Edge 4-1 – and Quinlan Kerr scored two goals and set up three others, Cam Rouleau posted 2-2-4, Ouellette had 2-1-3, Brandon Savage 1-2-3 and Ben Bernard and Jack Casey the shutout in a big win over the Advantage Selects;

Dan Bird dished out three assists and Joe Daly scored twice as the Advantage Selects defeated the Rangers 5-1 and Kustka snapped a 1-1 tie 12 seconds into the third period as the Rangers topped the Patriots 4-1.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Quinlan Kerr, Avs


In Week 1, Nathan Fernandes scored his second goal of the game with 9:38 left and Mark Roberts, who also had an assist, then came through with 2:45 remaining to give the Knights a 5-4 victory over the Advantage Selects – Tyler Slack with four assists in the win and Jake Gifford two goals in the loss; and Camden McGonigle wore the hat and had an assist, Parker Fredrickson dished out three assists and Joey Ala had a goal and an assist as the Avalanche trimmed the Blazers 4-2.

The Avalanche won three times, the Patriots won twice and the Edge had a win and a tie in Week 2. Parker Fredrickson wore the hat and had an assist and Louis Demanch, Joey Ala and Owen Kelley all posted 1-1-2 as the Avs topped the Advantage Ice 7-1; Camden McGonigle wore the hat and had an assist, Ala clicked for 2-2-4, Fredrickson posted 1-2-3, Demanche also scored twice, Blaine Gour had 1-1-2 and Dillon Romano and Ryan Morin both also had two assists in a big win over the Sharks – and Fredrickson wore the hat and had two assists, Brayden Ring and McGonigle both handed out three assists, Demanche scored twice and Kelley posted 1-1-2 in an 8-3 victory over the Rangers, who got 1-1-2 from Cosmo Siano; Rutowicz snapped a 1-1 tie with 7:45 left and Cerrante followed 33 seconds later as the Patriots nipped the Saints 3-1 – and Layton’s second goal of the game, with 1:46 left, was the winner, Quinn clicked for 1-2-3 and Rutowicz also scored twice in a 7-6 decision over the same team, Aidan Darlington with a hat trick and Mason Andrade 1-2-3 in the loss; Mitchell Lynch scored two goals and set up another, Chris Skelley posted 1-1-2 and Ryan Jolicoeur two assists as the Edge got by the Patriots 4-3 – and Dylan Lokken scored the tying goal with 8:34 left, Skelley had 2-1-3 and Cam McGinty 1-1-2 as the Edge tied the Knights 6-6, Jack Demoura and Jon Bobillier 2-1-3 apiece and Liam Anastasia 1-1-2 for the Knights;

In the other game, Opila scored twice as the Blazers downed the Sharks 4-1.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Parker Fredrickson, Avs


The Patriots won three times, the Rangers won twice and the Knights had a win and a tie in the two weeks. Evan Kilfoyle scored two goals and set up another and Cayden Miceli had a goal and an assist as the Patriots defeated the Rifles 6-3; and Dillon Kelleher scored twice in a 5-1 win over the same team – and Magnus Totterman pitched a shutout and Evan Kilfoyle scored with 10:51 left to give the Pats a 1-0 decision over the Giants; James Filosa scored what turned out to be the winner with 1:45 left in the second period and Jake Barton had 1-1-2 as the Rangers edged the Cyclones 5-4 – and Landon Werner clicked for 1-1-2 in a 5-3 win over the Giants; Adyn Simmons had two goals and an assist, Tyler Bisbee also scored twice and Sean Hallissey and Caleb O’Brien both posted 1-1-2 as the Knights topped the Cyclones 8-5, Mathew Cabral with two goals and Pete Gamache 1-1-2 in the loss — and the Giants and Knights skated to a 2-2 tie;

In the other game, Matt Wallace wore the hat, Jack Dempsey had a goal and two assists and Luke Sabatini added 1-1-2 in Seacoast’s 7-1 victory over the Rifles.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Magnus Totterman, Patriots


The Rangers, Seacoast and the Patriots all won twice. Brayden Hayes scored what turned out to be the winner with 7:36 left as the Rangers downed Seacoast 5-4 – and  Will Costa and Dylan Leblanc both posted 2-1-3, Tommy Titone had 1-2-3, Luke Barton 1-1-2 and Cam Ponti and Jack Rabazzi two assists apiece in an 8-3 victory over the Giants, who got 1-1-2 from Nate Gerstka; Brady Smith scored twice, Luke Sullivan posted 1-1-2 and Cam Wolf two assists in Seacoast’s 5-1 victory over the Wizards – and Smith wore the hat, Alex Santora had 1-2-3 and Wolf 1-1-2 in a 7-1 win over the Wizards; Aidan Hurley scored one goal and dished out three assists, Nico Tashjian and Blake Donnellan both posted 1-2-3 and Will Spring had 1-1-2 in the Patriots’ 5-3 win over the Rifles, who got two assists from Cody Wood – and Grady Kirk posted 1-1-2 in the first period of a 2-1 decision over the Rifles;

In the other game, Gerstka and Matt Franco scored 1:21 apart in a three-goal second period that sent the Giants past the Wizards 4-1.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Brady Smith, Seacoast


The Advantage Ice and Rangers both won twice. Luciano scored two goals and set up another, Brady also scored twice and McFarland had a goal and an assist in the Advantage’s 7-1 victory over Seacoast – and Brady clicked for 2-1-3 and Alexander and Ciulla both posted 1-1-2 in a 7-4 win over the Jr. Bruins, who got two goals from Mullen, 1-1-2 from Cunniff and two assists from Rutter; Kevin Vaughan snapped a 4-4 tie with 8:46 left and then assisted on Nicolas Rico’s goal with 4:43 remaining as the Rangers trimmed the Cyclones 6-4, Liam Roe with two goals and Zander Green and Austin Gartner two assists apiece in the win and Tedy Hannon 1-2-3 and Kagen Langlois 1-1-2 in the loss – and Green scored five goals and set up another and Hughes scored twice in a big win over the Cyclones, who got 1-1-2 from Leach;

Nick Bishop scored the tying goal and Justin Howell had a goal and an assist as the Avalanche tied the Warriors 3-3; and Cam Wooles scored the winner with 2:34 left, Callum Howarth had 2-1-3 and Maverick Wickson also scored twice as Seacoast edged the Blazers 6-5 – Reade O’Marra with 2-1-3 in the loss.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Zander Green, Rangers

 – MIKE SHALIN, mshalin@valley-associates.com