The Cyclones had a win and two ties, the Patriots a win and a tie, the Knights a win and tie and the Avalanche two ties. Crawford Tucker scored twice as the Cyclones topped the Knights 3-1; Anthony Viola scored his second goal of the game with 3:32 left to give the Cyclones a 2-2 tie with the Patriots, Will Woodruff with assists on both goals for the Cyclones – and the Cyclones tied the Avs 2-2; Kelleher and Cook (second goal of the game), scored 1:10 apart early in the third period and Enneguess had a goal and two assists in the Patriots’ 4-3 decision over the Knights; Dillon Huntington(2-1-3) scored the winner with 4:42 left and Eddie Perry had two assists as the Knights edged the Wizards 5-4, Garrett Climo with 1-1-2 in the loss – and Kenny McIntyre and Ryan Scanlon scored 37 seconds apart in the third period to give the Avs a 2-2 tie with the Knights, who got 1-1-2 from No. 15;

Deschamps scored two goals and set up another and Caggiano snapped a 2-2 tie with 9:27 left as the Giants defeated the Blazers 5-2; and Urquiola scored the tying goal with 10:47 left and Baker assisted on both goals as the Blazers tied the Jr. Bruins 2-2.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Deschamps, Giants


The Glades beat the Jr. Bruins twice and the Wizards had a win and a tie. Colby Morin and Sam Sibold scored 28 seconds apart and ended Hamilton’s shutout while giving the Glades a 2-1 decision over the B’s – and Sibold posted 2-2-4, Nate Adams had 1-2-3 and Hunter Fay three assists in Vermont’s 6-3 win; Alex Brown scored twice as the Wizards downed the Sharks 5-3, Dillon Winkelman with two goals in the loss – and Quinn Herlihy scored a late goal to give the Sharks a 1-1 tie with the Wizards, who got a second-period goal from Tanner Lank;

Matt O’Toole’s second goal, with 6:52 left, was the winner and Jaxson Roenick had a goal and two assists as Advantage Ice edged the Saints 6-5 – Rafael Negron with a hat trick and Joe Pitrone two assists in the loss; Jake Dagesse and Matt Mahoney both had 1-1-2 to help the Knights get by the Wizards 4-1; and Bracher scored twice, Stone had 1-1-5, Butler and Terra both handed out two assists and Hamilton pitched a shutout as the Bruins downed the Knights 5-0.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Sam Sibold, Glades


The Knights won twice. Mac Dunn clicked for a goal and an assist in a 6-3 win over the Glades in the second of two games – and J.C. Frates posted 2-1-3 and Noah Reardon also scored twice as the Knights defeated the Cyclones 6-2;

Tom McShane scored twice as the Advantage Ice trimmed the Jr. Bruins 4-1; Cillian Connolly had a goal and an assist as the Glades topped the Knights 5-1; Tom Duane delivered two goals and two assists, Dane Carter scored one goal and dished out three assists, Tom Argento and Daniel Henry Burnham both had 2-1-3 and Noah Falvey also scored twice as the Patriots defeated the Ice 10-3 – Connor Burke with all three goals and Matt Vinal assists on two in the loss; Marcus Bellomo’s second goal of the game, with 7:11 left, turned out to be the winner as the Cyclones edged the Patriots 4-3 – Carter with 1-1-2 in the loss; and Cushing pitched a shutout, No. 8 scored twice, Nos. 6 and 14 both posted 1-1-2 and No. 12 had two assists at the Jr. Bruins topped the Ice 7-0.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Marcus Bellomo, Cyclones


The Advantage, Rifles and Sharks all won twice. Courtland Hare scored twice and Sam Mazenec pitched a shutout as the Advantage downed the Avalanche 5-0 – and Brady O’Neill scored twice in a 3-2 victory over the Blazers, who got both goals from Matt Guindon; Ryan O’Leary dished out four assists, Beau Elson wore the hat and Jack Jin had two goals and an assist as the Rifles downed the Warriors 10-3 – Owen Kneeland with 1-2-3 in the loss – and O’Leary scored one goal and handed out three assists, Hunter Stockseth wore the hat, Elson had 2-1-3, Owen Hall 1-2-3 and Jin 1-1-2 in an 8-3 victory over the Wizards, who got two goals from Jack Doherty; Damon Meyers wore the hat and had two assists, Lucas Petone came through with 2-1-3, Nick Francolini had 1-1-2 and Jeter Darigan and Joe Manzi both had two assists as the Sharks defeated the Wizards, 10-3, Noahn Thorpe with two goals and Zach Holdman two assists in the loss – and Meyers scored one goal and dished out three assists, Noah Mathewson posted 2-1-3 and Tom Liddy had two assists in a 5-2 win over the Warriors, who got 1-1-2 from Nick DiMambro;

Eli Deener-Chodirker had a goal and an assist and Tom Gavin two assists as the Jr. Bruins nipped the Blazers 4-2; and Hutchinson Rice wore the hat, Joe DiMartino posted 1-2-3, Dan Lewis clicked for three assists and Ryann McDonald had 1-1-2 as the Knights topped the Advantage 7-1.

PLAYERS OF THE WEEK: Damon Meyers, Sharks /  Ryan O’Leary, Rifles


The Jr. Bruins won twice and the Sharks posted a win and a tie. Seamus Condon had a goal and an assist as the Bruins trimmed the Saints 5-2 – and Jonathan Greenberg had a goal and an assist in a 4-2 victory over the Advantage; Jonathan Doucette scored four goals and set up two others, Willem Dumais scored twice, Zach Lizotte also had two assists and Garrett Hakey pitched a shutout in the Sharks’ big win over the Saints – and Dumais scored with two seconds left to give the Sharks a 2-2 tie with the Blazers;

Casey Kramer wore the hat, Brett McKinnon had 2-1-3, Jayden Hamilton dished out three assists, Kosta Cobleigh had two assists and Ryan Palmer and Ben Breen shared the shutout as the Cyclones scored a big win over Advantage Ice; and Matt Cerruti scored what turned out to be the winner in the second period and six different players scored goals as the Advantage topped the Warriors 6-2.

PLAYERS OF THE WEEK: Willem Dumais & Jonathan Doucette, Sharks


In Week 1, Braden Slack scored one goal and dished out two assists and Jayden Godin scored twice as the Giants topped the Advantage Selects 4-2; Nick Bishop scored twice, Parker O’Toole posted a goal and an assist and Landon Beattie two assists as the Avalanche defeated the Patriots 4-1; Ryan Ruggiero, who also had an assist, scored with 4:23 left to give the Patriots a 2-2 tie with the Knights; and Aiden LeBel scored twice and Conor Secrist once in a three-goal third period (the winner with 3:18 left) that lifted the Sharks to a 4-3 victory over the Jr. Bruins – Brady Hanlon with a hat trick and Brandon Ward two assists in the loss.

The Bruins and Wizards both won twice in Week 2. Brady Hanlon and J.J. Pena both scored twice and Tyler Heldenbergh had two assists in the Bruins’ 6-1 victory over the Avalanche – and Ward scored two goals and dished out four assists, Hanlon posted 2-2-4, Quinn Mathews wore the hat, Chris Alexander also scored twice and Mike Taranto also had two assists in a big win over the Advantage; Avery Powers scored two goals and set up another, Joe Goldstein posted 1-2-3, Matt Hughes had 1-1-2 and Dylan Higson also had two assists as the Wizards topped the Advantage 8-3, Max Ryan with all three goals in the loss – and Jack Donovan scored one goal and set up three others and Higson had 2-1-3 in a 5-2 win over the Patriots;

Cam Hosmer pitched a shutout and Casey Cosentino scored 30 seconds into the Warriors’ 3-0 victory over the Giants; Will Cronin scored two goals and set up two others, Liam Glew handed out three assists and Conor Glew scored twice as the Patriots downed the Knights 5-1; and Ty Carroll wore the hat, scoring twice in the third period as the Giants downed the Sharks 5-3 – Charlie Pelkey with 1-1-2 in the win and Aidan Caron 1-1-2 in the loss.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Brandon Ward, Jr. Bruins

– MIKE SHALIN, mshalin@valley-associates.com